Safely Lose Weight Using these proven Fat combatants

12 Feb 2010

There is nothing worse than having to rely on dangerous diet pills and energy drinks to get the weight loss kick going. Not only do these methods give people dangerous elevated heart rates, but there is also the dependence that can come around after its continual use. There are so many different vitamins out there, but which ones provide safe results and have a proven track record for success. I’ll point out a couple natural vitamins and antioxidants that are phenomenal in fighting the fat, and still enjoy your favorite foods.

There are a plenty of different types of multivitamins, most have the essential components to keep the body healthy with a daily intake. One such important addition is Chromium. Chromium particularly targets fat loss as opposed to muscle loss. The normal intake of chromium from vitamins provide plenty of fat fighting power without the nervous jitters like regular diet pills contain. About 500mcg’s of chromium is about the recommended daily intake and weight watcher’s can go as high as 600mcg with no problems. There are also specific chromium tabs that can be purchased independently.

Next, we all love our starchy, breads, pasta and desserts. So why should anyone have to suffer and watch every individual fork full of goodness. Thankfully, there are starch blockers available out there than can block the breakdown and absorbsion of those carbs. Carb blockers are safe to take and provide no after effects or discharge like fat blockers do. Be on the lookout for a product called CarbEase w/Phase 2, it’s the only successful available starch blocker. Take the recommended amount before every starchy meal, and keep the weight down.

And lastly, green tea has this natural antioxidant called EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) that increases metabolism and curbs the appetite. Found in all green teas available, a couple glasses of this wonder tonic a day will help melt the fat and give us more energy. Additionally, there are green tea pills available in the market and can be taken before a meal, just be sure not to take too many as a lot of these have caffeine in them. We have all heard of the green tea diet, and EGCG is the main driver behind this proven weight loss formula.

And there we have it, some of the most popular and safest methods of losing weight naturally. As great as it is to just take pills all day, I couldn’t stress a Daily life is full of regular exercise. So at lunch break, take a walk, make a little jog, or go to the gym employee for a spell. Continuous get the blood flowing. I predict a healthy lifestyle to eliminate future health and weight problems.

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