Natural Weight Loss Tips for burning fat Fast

8 Feb 2010

So you want to lose weight or burn fat fast and naturally? I don’t know what others have told you, but I can say this much that by following proper techniques and strategies, it is not that hard to shed that extra flab! Most experts would suggest you to diet; however I know that you hate dieting because it comes with too many restrictions.

And you would be happy to know that there are other weight loss methods out there which work much better than dieting. In this article I will tell you about those methods:

1. Dieting doesn’t work: While I know that you hate diets, I thought it would be prudent to point out the disadvantages of dieting as well. See, dieting sounds good on the surface, and in fact, if you go without food for several days, you might also lose some fat from your thighs and belly! But make no mistake about it-you will gain back all of that weight as quickly as you have lost it!

As a matter of fact, human body is designed to fight against any form of starvation. In good old days, when there was lack of food supply, the body would store fat deposits in order to survive. Nowadays, we have more than enough to eat, but just as some things don’t change, our bodies too haven’t changed much over the course of centuries!

The rule still remains the same: if you starve, your body will think that there is a famine out there which is why it is not getting enough fuel in the form of calories. It would then take the obvious step: it would slow down your metabolic rate so as to store fat instead of burning it! This is the reason why most dieters tend to regain their former self as soon as they get back to the normal eating mode!

If someone told you that you have gained weight because of eating, let me tell you the reverse: you will put on weight if you DON’T eat!

2. Eating frequently is the key to success: Simply ‘eating’ is not enough for quick weight loss; you must also make sure that you are eating frequently as well! No, I am not asking you eat more than your normal diet, or eat even when you are not hungry. I am asking you to break down your large meals into smaller meals.

If you are like anyone else, you probably have around three large meals a day. That is not conducive to quick weight loss! Instead, you should break those three large meals into six smaller meals and eat each small meal every two or three hours.

This has dual advantages. First, when your body gets frequent food supply, it keeps your metabolic rate high, which means that you will burn fat fast. Second, frequent eating helps you suppress hunger, so that you don’t feel tempted to gorge on the junk foods available from your local restaurant, no matter how delicious they are! As you can see, frequent eating is a win-win for overweight people!

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